Author Curtis G Martin Revealing Entrepreneur Secrets

Curtis G Martin

By Curtis G Martin

Business success can be yours when you learn the secrets all entrepreneurs know 

“Everybody has what it takes to become a success in business.”

That's the message from Curtis Martin, founder and CEO of family-run company Nitram Industries LLC, as he reveals the secrets successful entrepreneurs know in a new book. 

 With a background in coaching people from all backgrounds to ditch their 9 to 5 routines and build a business doing something that they love instead, Curtis is keen to share concepts and strategies that turn business ideas into money-making reality. 

 Curtis said: "I'm excited to help everyday people get started on their entrepreneurial journey to replace their 9 to 5 income. 

 "I've helped people start part-time and full-time businesses, and I'm here to help you as well. My approach is to work hard and lead by example. 

 "In my experience, many people want to start an online or small business and don't know where to start. This book is a great place to start, as I share the secrets every successful entrepreneur knows.

" Actions speak louder than words, and Curtis' track record as an accomplished speaker, mentor and coach shows that these are not just words on a page - and this isn't just another book for would be business leaders. 

 His organization's corporate social responsibility and his own admirable personal aspirations and history of helping others to achieve their personal goals speak volumes. 

 Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, he strived to make a positive difference in his own life, as well as in his community. To that end, he has been motivating and mentoring members of his community for over 20 years in personal development and growth. 

 His fun and interactive training services have benefited Children Services, Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Valero, OSCA, Aera Energy and other well-known organizations. 

 His work as a coach with one of the most successful personal and business development companies, has helped to change the lives of millions of people around the world. 

Curtis has also provided training for Andeavor's Youth Program, which provides summer jobs for young people. 

 His podcast Good Business Talk is also a source of inspiration, featuring interviews with successful business owners sharing their own 'Strategies to Take Action. Curtis said: "I’m here to share the strategies to take action to create a thriving business that will provide lifestyle and financial independence.

" To learn more about Curtis strategies please visit his website at to order a copy of his book “10 Strategies To Take Action, Learn The Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Know.”

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