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“Everybody has what it takes to become a success in business.”

That's the message from Curtis Martin, founder and CEO of family-run company Nitram Industries LLC, as he reveals the secrets wealthy entrepreneurs and business leaders know in a new book.

Curtis is a knowledgeable business owner and entrepreneur. He believes in mentorship and teaching. His entrepreneurial skills and mastermind groups lead to financial stability. He is definitely a leader

Collie Phillips, Fashion Designer

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Curtis G Martin

Good credit is possible, once you have a coach to show you how. Often, people look for a fast fix to their credit issues and end up getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. It's no way around the hard work and commitment that is needed to prepare your credit score and economic leverage that a better credit score will offer you.

Podcast Coming Soon

With the Good Business Podcast I'm looking to help educate my listeners, on how to start a business, launch products, and get real life strategies to TAKE ACTION from impactful interviews with successful entrepreneurs.