The Shopping Cart Technique (eBook) - Curtis G Martin

The Shopping Cart Technique (eBook)

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The Shopping Cart Technique (eBook) "The Key to Credit Building" 

Are you looking to improve your credit score or receive more opportunities from lenders? If so, then the Shopping Cart Technique (eBook) is the technique for you. If your credit score isn't so great and you want to get credit cards and enjoy the benefits, try this technique!

The process is easy to complete and an excellent method to receive bonuses and rewards! Follow the eligibility qualifications to obtain the benefits of The Shopping Cart Technique! 

This trick is useful if you need to add positive credit lines to your credit report. Without the hard pull / hard inquiry.

The shopping cart trick, is also known as the soft pull trick. It is a clever method that allows people with bad credit to get a credit card. The shopping cart trick relies on the fact that many websites will pre-approve you for a credit card during the checkout process without actually checking your score.

This Shopping Cart Technique (eBook) process has been tested and proven to work.

Don't try all of them at once. Choose four on the list and concentrate on these before trying other companies.

Knowing if you're pre-approved for a credit card will inform you whether applying is an excellent idea, maybe saving you from getting declined if you have no chance. Pre-approval occurs in a soft credit pull, which doesn't impact your credit score, unlike the hard credit pull that banks use when you apply for credit.

Pre-approved candidates do get approved for an account around 70 to 90% of the time.

So if you're pre-approved, you can feel certain in your odds of getting qualified for the card.

You can try this pre-approval technique with the suggested retailer in the book. Remember that it won't always work. You might get pre-approval, or you might not, particularly if you have bad credit. Most store cards want at least decent credit for approval.