3 Tips for building an email list

Curtis G Martin

By Curtis G Martin

Email lists can be an excellent way to make long-term earnings in affiliate marketing. Email lists are so important because they help you develop assets in your business.

You are not just encouraging one-time traffic to the highest bidder for a one-time payment. Instead, you are cultivating relationships with a client base that begins to see you as a trusted advisor. They will make you money in the short run, making you money in the long term. Your portion of the deal is to give them quality content and trustworthy advice.

Affiliate programs will come and go, but if you develop a great email list, you will have equity in your business that cannot be taken away. If you choose to change affiliate programs, or if there are additional products you want to market, you don't have to start over. Your list represents prospects that place their trust in you, and they will follow you wherever you go.

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It starts with trust. If your customers trust you and your product recommendations, building a list is easy. So don't start with building a list, begin with establishing trust. Become a recognized expert. Write numerous articles for your website and article directories.

Become a regular member of forums and social media. Share your expertise and skill. When you become known, people will follow you to your site to see if it will provide the added value. When you develop a following, based on your article writing and forum groups, you will have the support to build a list of people that have a relationship with you.

Market a product for which there is a demand. Do some research where the needed demand is before you pick your product? If you have a good perception of what the people on your list need, you will be successful, and they will thank you for offering a solution to their needs. 

Develop relationships with other affiliate marketers that use email lists. There is no better resource than other business people that have tried and succeeded at what you are attempting to do. Network with others in the affiliate marketing business and find out what worked for them. There is no substitute for their tips and war stories.


Email lists take work. You will need to build your list up from nothing up to a quality repository of warm leads. But if you carefully build your list, the long-term rewards of having a large pool of repeat customers that trust your recommendations are incalculable.

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